From leather to work of art using imagination, patience and great ability.

The company was founded back in 1947 when Lorenzo Martinetti began making ski boots in the workshop of Carema, a small village in the province of Turin.
After 10 years he devoted himself to making folkloristic cowbell collars, and to repair saddles and produce harness for horses, which were carefully hand sewn using specific tools that have now fallen into disuse.
A very gifted leather maker, at some point Lorenzo felt the need to increase the value of his creativity concentrating his activity on the field of leather accessories.

Even today his sons, Renzo and Mariangela, work in the company respecting their father’s tradition, The change brought by technological evolution and the need to modernise production did not prevent the Martinetti siblings from maintaining the craftsmanship spirit alive. Their ultimate goal remains indeed to offer a very strong product that can distinguish itself for its quality, personality and accurate details.

The Cinturificio Martinetti gained much experience over the years, continuing to satisfy customers’ needs and reaching a high level of quality. The business is entirely run by the family in a dynamic way that allows them to be attentive to the evolution of fashion, resulting in a diversified product line able to satisfy even the most demanding customer.

Considering the encouraging results obtained in Italy so far, the Cinturificio Martinetti began expanding its production abroad, continuing to ensure the value of its products; this was made possible by maintaining the same craftsmanship secrets and tradition and by adapting them to more modern industrial production. The result is a product manufactured in detail and carried out as quickly as possible.
As of today, part of the execution process is still handmade in order to warrant a personalized and typically “made in Italy” product.

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